Flute Thing

Ever since I was a young girl at Pennington Elementary where music and art were extolled and nurtured, I have played the silver flute. Every few years I get serious about it - go to a master class with the Rhonda Larson, Isabelle Chapuis Harper, Patricia Harper, Ian Clarke (I'm sure he has no idea who I am - I'm always the least talented of all the participants), Amy Likar.  These master classes have taken me to hilltop stone villages in Italy, St. Andrews Scotland, Asilomar CA and San Rafael CA.  I am an OK amateur player and love playing in chamber groups, local amateur flute choirs, symphonic bands, meditation centers, nursing homes, and holiday concerts, but I can go years with my flute gethering dust in the closet.  I'm currently in a playing mode - in chamber groups with the local community music school.  Of all the players I love, Andy Kulberg below is one of my faves. . . . and in a very different vein I want to dedicate this page to the memory of my friend Robert Stallman. 

I am NOT playing the flute with the Blues Project in this video but I have enjoyed jamming along to this tune since 1969.  Two of the members came from my home town and went to the same Sholem Aleichem Folk Shule YMHA #38 and summer Camp Willoway that I attended with a lot of other Mt. Vernon kids. 
Let's hear it for Danny Kalb and Roy Blumenfeld from Mt. Vernon, New York!  Woot Woot! 

I have seen Roy play recently in San Geronimo, CA with Barry "the Fish" Melton from Country Joe and..., and remember seeing Roy often when he was in Greased Lizard in Boulder, CO circa 1970 when I was 'dating' his band member guitarist Jerry Jimmerfield, apparently along with a lot of other young college coeds!

I have a copy of the vinyl album signed by Roy!  

flute thing - Blues Project

Andy Kulberg - flute, bass

Al Kooper - keyboards, organ, vocals

Danny Kalb - geetar, vocals

Steve Katz - guitar
Roy Blumenfeld - drums

Listen to the whole album Projections

And live at the Monterey Pop Festival 1979

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 3.35.19 PM.png