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Shame on me sending to you an UNDER CONSTRUCTION page.  For decades everyone knows you don't do this, you just hide the page until you're ready to unveil your awesomeness. . . BUT. . . I have this page to entice you to hire me to create YOUR awesome wesite as I work feverishly to get my book of designs and inspirations published, and while I move all my artwork here to share with you. Thanks for your patience. 

This page will have links to


  • my pottery and ceramic work

  • my book

  • my doodles

  • videos of my flute playing

  • from Oy to Joy project for Sound, Voice, and Music in the Health Arts at CIIS

  • musings about neuroplasticity, mental health, recovery from cancer, somatic practices, friendships, things I love, things that scare me, and paying it forward - among other things like tributes and homage to people who have blessed my life and how they may benefit you, or not

  • photographs including some photos for which I won awards in juried contests - but first I have to get my older portfolios and take photos of the photos

  • websites I've designed

  • and more!!!  

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