I'm a designer living in the woods of West Marin.

    I used to teach (mostly online) at colleges and universities - web design, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Director, Flash. My BA is Fine Arts with a focus in ceramics and photography (mostly non-silver techniques) and Masters is Education specializing in creating a social context for online teaching and learning.  I designed online courses for educators and taught corporate trainers to design interactive online courses and I won several awards for my classes back in the day, hey hey hey.

    In my past I traveled a lot but now I love to stay in the hood.
     I was once a member of, and lived at, the Findhorn Foundation ecoVillage Intentional Community in Scotland.
    I worked in the graphic design division of a in the early 2000s and still do graphic and web design work for clients and friends. I run an organic eco guest nest - visited by many  travelers with chemical sensitivities who needed a safe, clean harbor for days or months.  Life is good. 

    I'm a member of CC, Northern CA. Have a few Spooky2 devices, play flute, and coordinate fun gatherings, open mics, and events that support a parallel society living in the new earth/5D.  

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